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        I Thought You Knew (2005) by David Carr, Jr. The front cover photo, "The Saxman Cometh" is by Dallas photographer Steven Elliott Hendrix. The photo for the back cover of the CD was taken at Nana's during David's 2005 "Birthday Bash" at the Anatole hotel, Dallas, Texas.

        DCJ4 (2007), Uncle Buster's House of Grooves. The front cover photo is from the Sassy Ass Video Recording sessions in California. The rear cover image is a motion blur video snapshot from the video itself.

        Who's In There? (2008) is a "Chill" album... a more ethereal style, somewhat enigmatic and a departure from David's usual style of music. This called for a different design style to match. The front cover painting of David's pet tortoise, "Bumpy" is by the Dallas fine artist Suzy Moritz-Rawdin. The back cover photo is a candid shot of David taken at a private gathering.

        Holiday Melodies Embraced (2008) is David's sixth CD release. The front and back cover photos were both taken at a public garden in Grapevine, Texas.

        When Your Soul Cries and Your Heart Aches poetry CD (2008) by Toshia Stelivan, music score by David Carr, Jr. Front cover/disc face photo, "Angie" by Livia Czenki. Back cover photo, "Broken Innocence" by Kym Hunter.

        Sax@Midnight: Music for lovers (2009) is David's seventh CD release. The front cover photo was taken at Lam Lee Home in Dallas, Texas during a reception for the Dallas fine artist Suzy Moritz-Rawdin.


PopCultureToday.Com TV show Episode One: The Beatles
(2005) DVD

        Servicing celebrities, corporations, other businesses and individuals, PopCultureToday.Com, Inc. handles all aspects of the production process from pre-production through post, marketing and promotion. The endeavors and the relationships built with their clients & associates has enabled PopCultureToday.Com, Inc. to become a multi-faceted production force in the industry.

        This television show was an endeavor by the crew at PopCultureToday.Com, Inc. created independently out of personal interest. The company owner is a long time Beatles collector and aficionado.


Misty Dawn (Found Episodes)
(2008) DVD

        Misty Dawn is an independent television project created and written by Terry Yates and being taped in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It is both a parody and an homage to the Dark Shadows gothic daytime soap opera. Think of it as "Dark Shadows meets Dallas", complete with a mysterious vampire and a greedy oil baron.

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