Thank God for Angels

Do I believe in angels?
Indeed I do!
When I was a child of 4
I set my leg on fire
An angel in an apron
Came flying through our backdoor
And smothered out that fire
She was my Granny!

All my life God has been sending angels
To dry my tears, doctor my wounds
Hug me and soothe my pain
These angels were my Granny, Parents, teachers, ministers
Friends, music, mates, children and grandchildren
All sent by God
To love, cherish and guide me
To see God at work in my life

When I was 64
A very special angel came to me in a crisis
When my physical heart needed repair
She was my nurse the day the doctor gave me my options
She held my hand, prayed with me
And that day helped me make the decision
God willed for my life once again

Do I believe in angels?
Indeed I do, and you can too
Just look back and all around
They are everywhere because God is everywhere!
Thank God for angels!

Words Copyright © 1999 Marylou Rose
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