Amazing Peace

When someone speaks of Angels,
I hear the flutter of their wings.
Pity, some don't even hear their tiny bells,
They're much too busy it seems.

Softly like unseen fluttering moths,
When you're lonely, they'll fly to you.
Seeking the nectar of your thoughts,
For Angels get lonely too!

It's sad when folks amid strife and din,
Don't find the joy that Angels bring.
They'll make friends, if you'll listen,
To the heavenly song they sing.

You'll have to be quiet and still,
And cock your head and ear just right,
Whisper a prayer for them if you will,
Recall that special "Silent Night".

Ah, the Angels are singing of his birth again,
Of God's Gift to us, all in harmony,
Of peace on Earth, Goodwill to men.
Why, even the littlest Angel has a bell tiny as can be.

Poem Copyright © 1987 H. L. "Hank" Anderson

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