Harold Louis "Hank" Anderson
December 8, 1909 - February, 5 2001

"...'Blessed are those who die in the Lord,' says the Spirit, 'that they may rest from their labors, and their works may follow them.'..."
Revelations 14:13

        Hank Anderson was a warm and gentle man for all the years that I knew him. Kind and understanding, with strong convictions of faith, he was the proverbial "Velvet Hammer". He personified the Christian ethic as was evident in his everyday life and still is evident today in his writings. He toiled joyfully in his daily tasks up to his last days. He was a dear friend and told me many stories of my father (who died when I was 7), whom he knew well. While I mourn the passing of my friend Hank, I will remember him fondly and celebrate his life and legacy.

-J. L. Hunter April/2001

        Hank is survived by his wife, Mary Gilmore whom he refered to as "Sweet Gillie" and to whom he was married for sixty-three years. Also surviving Hank are sister Mrs. H. N. Booth; grandchildren Ronald Darren Anderson, Donald Wayne Anderson and Tina Joyce Strong; and great-grandson, Brandon Tod Strong.

        Hank retired from General Motors after thirty years of service. He was a member of the Dallas Rose Society, a talented woodworker/craftsman, and an accomplished poet having penned dozens of works. He lavished these gifts upon his church, Westminster Presbyterian, and evidence of his love abounds in the Church Library, where the tradition he began of "The Library Window" still continues. Memorials may be made to the Library Fund of Westminster Presbyterian Church, 8200 Devonshire Drive, Dallas 75209 or to the American Diabetes Association, 12850 Spurling Road, Suite 100, Dallas 75207.

-from the Memorial Service Tuesday, February 13, 2001

The Golden Legacy

Each travels on his own bridge of time,
My forefathers crossed on theirs to meet mine.
They brought and taught a legacy from their day,
That helped me make friends along my way.

I, in turn, share it with those down the line,
Gifts from the "good old days" of theirs and mine.
Courtesies that build bridges from me to you,
That span a generation gap or two.

Neighborly ways and cherished words, I pass on to you.
Of saying "please" and "thank you", to name a few.
Sharing your life -whatever be your lot,
For mankind's good -sweetening the melting pot.

So let's meet, your generation and mine,
Bearing only gifts that have stood the test of time.
Meeting half-way -my sunset -your sunrise,
On a span of bridges named "compromise".

Give words to live by -perhaps even this poem,
To those who follow, as your legacy to them.
For friends are priceless, and so is a smile,
Certainly worth the walking that extra mile.


Poem Copyright © 1/Feb/1988 H. L. "Hank" Anderson

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