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I Love Cats

       At one time I loved cats, and I suppose I still do. I do believe however, that in order for any cat to receive my complete adoration, it must belong to someone else. They are soft and cuddly. They are skillful and cunning. And as long as their litter box is in someone else's house, they are wonderful to have around.
       Yes, I have a great respect for cats as well as cat owners.

Cat - P. O. V.

I enjoy the sunshine.
It's warmth penetrates my flesh and makes my fur tingle.
It makes me sleepy...
And then I awoke. What is that rustling about? When I opened my eyes I saw the most beautiful fat, brown tree squirrel. With all my feline instinct I lunge, claws fully extended and mouth wide open, only to discover the delicate flavor of dirt and dry leaves. Regaining my composure immediately, I followed the squirrel up a tree. I stopped at the top of the trunk and sat looking up at the sqirrel only a few feet away. I wanted him in the worst way. And he just sat there chattering away. It felt as though he was laughing at me. I know I am much smarter than him. I will return.
With that final thought, I jumped to the ground and walked away. My, what a smart cat.
And now disappeared.
An invisible cat.

"It was not curiosity, but rather static electricity that killed the cat."

Words Copyright © 1988 J.L. Hunter

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