The Feast

In and out of reality.

In and out of time

For some there is no answer.

For some there is no rhyme.

It sometimes happens at a glance

You find your head upon a lance.

A dream, or was it real.

Did it happen just by chance?

I can't say if there is reason.

I see no reason for anything at all.

And yet, again to dream.

This nonsense is a shinning

In prelude to the fall.

Emotionless and strong;

We onward must go.

And yet, again to feel.

Too much pain;

Eliminate the sorrow.

Insensitivity is a creeping madness.

It keeps you sane at night.

Don't let go of the misery.

Don't let it take your sight.

We are as may be seen,

Or as yet may not be so.

Pride makes right.

Cogito ergo sum, sed id dubito.

This is the way of the world;

The nature of the beast.

This is our existence;

The mark upon our soul.

This table has been set with blood,

Readied for the feast.

Words Copyright © 1992 J.L. Hunter

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