A note from Jesus... almost 2000 years later


     My name is Jesus. I am the Christ. Now, as the redeemer, I have come to teach you about salvation and how to be nice to one-another. Read the text. Nowhere in the Testament to my life am I trying to teach anyone about mathematics. All this bru-ha-ha over me and the Holy Spirit being one with Jehovah and yet separate is silly. It doesn't have to make sense in earthly terms you bunch of ninnies; it is not of the earth. If you people would spend a little more time enjoying the sunshine and a little less time bickering over math problems, you would be a lot happier. The only reason I called myself Father, Son and Holy Ghost was to make it simpler for you to understand. That didn't work out quite right, did it? I thought it might keep you reminded of the spirituality of it all. You know, all at once conjure up an idea of a nice, warm family unit: Father, strong and supportive; Son, full of new ideas, compassion and love; Holy Ghost, gently guiding you along the narrow path, (the wife). But NO! You had to start nitpicking. Some of you keep on and on and on with, "If you praise Jesus as God, you are not praising the One True God", or, "If you don't recognize Jesus as 'savior, you're not going to get a seat on the Cross-Jordan bus". You people are missing the point ... I AM ME! Remember, I am not a vain God (jealous sometimes, but not vain), so I really don't care what you call me.


     When you were young, I came to you as the Father and set out some simple guidelines for you to follow. But then some of you became lawyers, originally to keep the Law, but later to get around it. Even if you were one of the few that kept the Law, you usually got so hung up in the letter of the Law that you missed the intent. Silly Pharisees. When you were older, I came to you as a brother. I demonstrated, (quite effectively I think), that a complete love is willing to sacrifice everything, and that love was the intent of the Law. I sacrificed myself so you wouldn't have to. Spiritually it makes sense. Still, you people think everything can be rationalized with physics. Don't be silly. Remember, I thought up physics. You people just wait ... You thought quantum physics was a real breakthrough. HA! You are such silly little creatures.

     Well, I'll be here, (wherever here is), if you need me.

Please, keep trying. Love always,



     P.S. I know I changed my tenses here and there and may have dangled a participle, but time is irrelevant to me, and hey; I am God you know. JJN/jlh

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Words Copyright 1993 J. L. Hunter (because God don't care, but I do)

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