More Moments

I see you in me,
And me in you.
I know the feeling of lost.
I now know the feeling of found.
I am overwhelmed by my passion.
My strongest desire is to hold you,
Press you close to me,
Kiss you tenderly,
To stare deep into your eyes,
Cry with you,
Share with you.
A few moments is all we've had.
What is it that draws us together?
Is it God?
Is it loneliness, desperation,
Unanswerable questions, all.
We share words, passions.
Do we also share our pain?
Am I thinking when I should only be feeling?
Am I feeling when I should only be thinking?
Unanswerable questions, all.
No more questions!
I follow my heart.
I am led to you.

Words Copyright © 1999 J.L. Hunter

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