...But that's it, the random element.
That is God's plan - Free Will.
Randomness is that which Satan cannot control.
Those who equate chaos with the spontaneous nature of the universe are wrong.
The spontaneity of our universe is God... it is not chaos.

It is beauty.
It is diversity.
It is "the ten thousand things" all exerting free will.
It is the dance of the Universe.
This is God.

When we try to "control", we are giving in to the demon.
Control is an illusion put forth by Satan.
You cannot control what God has set in motion.
Let go... let God. (remember that?)

Anarchy is what Christ taught.
What "They" do is insignificant.
What "They" want is immaterial.
What God has written upon our hearts is "truth".
We should open up.
Feel God from within.

Einstein once said, "I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world."
From PHILIP FRANK, Einstein, His Life and Times (1947)

..."Listen, Albert, He threw you - look around, He never stops."
(from Hapgood by Tom Stoppard)

Words Copyright © 1997 J.L. Hunter

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