...for Kym

Not just for now, and not just now and then;

But always and forever, time and time again.

Feeling one another with no guilt and no regret;

On and on as time goes by; remember now, and then forget.

This love is real.

This love is true.

To reach forgotten depths and call again to you.

My voice rings true as I call for your desire;

I scream for your compassion as I fall into the fire.

Take me to my bed.

Take me home.

Do not leave me here alone.

Turn and show me grace.

Please do not take flight.

Turn and turn and dance for me.

Dance for my delight.

Close the door now, let me sleep.

Let me dream of you, my love.

Let me go to sleep.

Let me go to sleep.

Words Copyright © 1992 J.L. Hunter

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