(Sunday morning church foyer 25-July-1993)

Usher P.O.V.

  • Why was she here?
  • Where did she come from?
  • And where did she go when she left 10 minutes later?
          She was about 5' 5". She was carrying a heavy coat, 2 liter bottle of Coke, a plastic cup and a plastic grocery sack which seemed to have nothing more than newspapers in it. She was wearing knit slacks and a dirty, stained heavy white sweater. She said nothing and only sort of smiled as we greeted her with our conditioned, habitual "Good morning" and then turned to face one another with curious expressions of bewilderment.
  • Why didn't we say more?
  • Why didn't we try to help her?
  • —Or at least find out if she needed, or would even accept help.

Christ was knocking at our door...

Words Copyright © 1993 J.L. Hunter

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